How to lower cholesterol?How to lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the main cause of diseases that claim the most lives in the world. We are talking about cardiovascular diseases. They account for more than half of all deaths. FOOD CAN BE A MEDICINE Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, and it is in our power to prolong our life and maintain health by following some simple rules. The main risk […]

What Can Women Expect From Minoxidil 2%?What Can Women Expect From Minoxidil 2%?

When men face hair loss it’s considered normal, natural and even just a little distinguished for some. When women walk a similar path, however, the development can be devastating. Even a slight thinning of a woman’s hair can impact self-esteem and create real concerns. Fortunately, Minoxidil 2% can help some women turn back the hands […]