The Best dermal lip fillers 2019

The Best dermal lip fillers 2019

Lips have always been one of the most attractive parts of the face, which first of all pay attention. Today in fashion again returned naturalness and natural forms that add youth and beauty to the face of any age. In order to achieve maximum harmony of facial features, patients are increasingly abandoning unsafe injections with dense fillers and surgical procedures, and prefer contour plastic soft fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which provide instant and long-lasting results with minimal side effects for the body.

Fillers — an effective and popular method of correction of appearance, fight against age-related changes, offered by the beauty industry. The practice of their use in plastic lips eliminates asymmetry and wrinkles around the contour, to give a sensual plumpness and lift the corners. The question of which filler for lip augmentation is better to use becomes relevant for every woman who has chosen this method of improving her appearance.


Restylane Perlane – spotter, whose laboratory is located in Geneva, Switzerland, is a representative of a very active and extremely long-acting. It is based on two essential components: hyaluronic acid and oxides of salts, which are responsible for the further spread of hyaluronic acid inside the skin.

If you buy Restylane online, you will see that the structure is not very thick, and therefore quite easy to install and as a result we get the effect of up to one year. After a year, completely eliminated from the body without any consequences for the excretory systems. Restylane filler is designed to fill the deepest nasolabial wrinkles, thereby giving the face freshness and beauty lost over the years. Also, in the range of effects there is increased moisture. The effect is visible after one procedure.

Full volume, shine and freshness of the lips will help to create an injectable filler Restylane Kysse Lidocaine, the basis of which consists of hyaluronic acid with cross-links, stabilized by proprietary technology NASHA. The gel has a low degree of modification, which eliminates the risk of rejection and inflammation after the procedure, providing full compatibility with dermal tissues. Another important advantage of the gel is the almost complete absence of foreign particles, endotoxins and decay products of the stabilizing agent BDDE. Due to the same size of the molecules of sodium hyaluronate, the gel has a high plasticity and good fluidity, evenly distributed within the tissues, leveling the relief and filling the lips seductive and at the same time natural volume.

The optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is 20 mg/ml in the gel, perfectly copes with external influences, makes the filler resistant to deformation and facial movements. The average duration of the effect of the procedure is about 1 year and depends on the individual characteristics and age of the patient. To eliminate any discomfort, the gel is supplemented with an amide anesthetic lidocaine 0,3%.


Radiesse is an injectable material based on gap. Currently, the drug is approved for use in the US, EU, Asia and Russia. It is designed to increase the volume of soft tissues, regeneration and correction of various cosmetic defects.

Radiesse — two-phase filler consisting of microparticles of hydroxyapatite are uniformly distributed in the gel medium. Micropheres of hydroxyapatite are evenly distributed in the gel carrier and occupy 30 % of the total volume of the filler
We recommend buy Radiesse online, as it:

  • widely used in aesthetic medicine for non-surgical correction of nose defects, with an increase in the size of the chin, the treatment of dermoatrophy, lipoatrophy in various parts of the face and body, including HIV-infected;
  • in surgery and urology — for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, vesicoureteral reflux, restoration of the original size of the vocal cords, with fecal incontinence;
  • in dentistry — to build bone defects.

The absence of components of animal and plant origin in the composition of the drug determines its nonimmunogenicity and allows not to conduct preliminary testing for tolerability. In experimental animal studies and many years of clinical trials found that Radiesse does not have any adverse effects on a living organism that, after intradermal injection of the particles remain at the site of implantation, the inflammatory reactions of the surrounding tissue is not observed.

The drug has no irritating, toxic, mutagenic effects, does not cause allergic reactions. Injection Radiesse not affect the pregnancy and the fetus. The aesthetic effect of the introduction of Radiesse are visible immediately after the procedure and lasts 18-24 months.