Heart Arrhythmia – Guide to Heart Disease

Heart Arrhythmia – Guide to Heart Disease

The Cardiac Arrhythmia is a disease associated with irregular activities of the heart beats. There may be many reasons behind this disorder and it varies from men to women. The Heart Beat is irregular and it results in the formation of Heart Murmurs. Let us take a look on this disorder.

About it: These are life threatening conditions that can even result in Cardiac Arrest and of course sudden death.

The affected patient can also feel the symptoms of abnormal awareness of heart beat. Some patients do not experience anything but they have a high risk of falling to stroke and blood clots within a artery which are very dangerous as it may lead to the death of a heart muscle. The patients themselves can feel that their heart beat is not rhythmic and is not correct.

Sinus Arrhythmia: It is a type of Cardiac disease where the irregular heart beats are felt while breathing in and out and it is seen mostly in children and then lessens with age factor. It is another manifestation of this disease and it is easily treated though. It may even occur in adults with increase in age.

Symptoms: The symptoms of this disease vary from one person to another so the symptoms are hard to be predicted.

The most common symptom is the Palpitations which are the irregular placed heart beats that the patient can feel themselves. One cannot call them annoying as most of the time they come and they go. However this is the warning bell that your heart gives you indicating that there is some problem in it. Some forms of this disease do not cause any symptoms at all. But some can go the extent of causing a blood clot in an artery and may cause severe suffering. Also due to the blood clot and the irregular pumping of blood, the blood supply back to the heart itself is severely affected.

This in turn increases the movement of the blood clots and subsequently heart failure and Cardiac Arrest followed by death. Also due to the irregular heart beat, both hypertension and hypotension are possible causing severe problems to the health of the patient. The decreased blood pressure due to weak heart beat may result in dizziness and the person may even faint.

Diagnosis: The only method of diagnosis comes in the form of taking ECG graph which indicates the effective functioning of the heart and also the rhythmical motions of the heart.

Treatment: Treatment methods to cure this disease include the following: Physical Maneuvers, Antiarrhythmic drugs, other drugs, Electricity, and electro or cryo cautery. Also the patient should periodically go for ECG scan to track the improvements in the heart beat.