Skills to Develop in 2021

Skills to Develop in 2021 | Studyatuq

In 2020, the global pandemic brought us not only numerous lockdowns, but also spare time to learn new skills. Nevertheless, even if you were working hard and didn’t have time to fully embrace this opportunity, or even if procrastination appeared to be a more enjoyable option at the time, it’s never too late to catch up.

But before starting, it’s important to understand which skills are in high demand and worth spending time on.

Which One Is the Most Critical Skill Today? Compile Your Set of Professional Skills

After 2020, the number of various online courses in different languages increased, so mastering the necessary skills shouldn’t be a problem. And, while it’s hard to point out the most essential skill that will fit everyone, opting for a digital skill set is one of the most advantageous options in 2021, but not the only one.

Generally, skills are divided into two categories – soft and hard. To get a more complete and up-to-date picture, we’ll focus on the most popular technical expertise of 2021 as well.

Soft Skills

Soft skills play a vital role in daily life. While a lot of people underestimate them and prefer focusing on hard skills instead, soft ones contribute to networking, improve communication and teamwork. These qualities make them worth paying attention to.

Emotional Intelligence

Tough project management might be a thing in the past. However, today people prefer a more gentle approach.

This skill is useful for conflict resolution, as finding solutions to problems that your coworkers have with each other is easier if you actually understand people. Without a doubt, it will make you a valuable team player.

Public Speaking

The majority of people are afraid of speaking when everyone is watching. Despite difficulties, this expertise can help to establish business communication and set you up for a promotion, so consider taking classes or joining a drama club to get rid of the fear.

Musical Knowledge

This one may sound weird, but love for music is one of the things you share with a whole world. Explore your horizons by walking out of your bubble of musical preferences and explore new genres and music history to share your knowledge with friends and colleagues.

Time Management

“Work smart, not hard”, – that’s what they say. Planning your time is the part of working smart, as it will improve your productivity and allow you to have more free time for a hobby.

It’s easy to find information about time management techniques, you can start by simply watching videos on this topic on YouTube.

Hard Technical Skills

Technical and digital skills are a part of web development and data science. Coding, designing, meeting new challenges – it has something for everyone. So why not spend several minutes getting into details?

Cloud Computing

The more devices perform the calculation, the faster this process will be. With cloud computing, it won’t be necessary to connect machines via cables, as users will be able to combine the computing power of their devices via a cloud connection.

This field of research promises to bring significant changes in our computers’ abilities. Perhaps, you’ll be able to contribute as well?

Deep Learning

Deep learning is the next stage of machine learning, which relies heavily on teaching machines certain algorithms. In its turn, deep learning is based on giving a representation of a subject.

With this approach, computers will advance their capability of coming up with original solutions to non-standard tasks like literary translation and driving a car.

You can study this hard skill by yourself, but the process will be much faster with a tutor.


The ability to write code in at least one programming language will be an advantage over your peers. Consider joining courses or studying it yourself with a handbook.

Digital Marketing

Mastering SEO, SMM, and Google Analytics is the basis of establishing a digital presence. Obtaining online marketing expertise will allow you to come up with new strategies as well. You can join a marketing team as an intern to get to know the working process from up close.

In Conclusion

There is no universal career path that’ll fit all personalities, neither in 2021 nor in any other year. However, if you dedicate some of your time to learning the skills mentioned in this article, your chances of getting a well-paying job will increase.

You won’t need to master them all, but picking the most interesting ones and working on them is exactly what will bring the most fruitful results.