Heart Attack Hazard – Guide to Heart Disease

Always there is an element of fear among people whether they will get a heart attack and there is also the fear of going through the phase of a heart attack. So in this article we will learn about some of the risks that we may develop in our lives owing to which we may have a heart attack. So take a look.

Risk Factors: There are always some risk factors associated with all the diseases that endanger mankind’s existence. So it is highly important for us that we remain away from all the risk factors associated with any disease. Heart Attack too comes with some risk factors which if avoided, can reduce the frequency of heart attacks and help in staying healthy. So let us learn some of the risk factors of this disease Heart Attack in this article.

The one thing that you cannot avoid is the increase in age which is a contributor to the heart attack risk.

With increase in age the heart becomes tired and it opens the gateway to Heart Attacks. Though it cannot be avoided, it is still said that men are more susceptible than women for a particular age as women are well guarded by their hormonal systems.

After the age of 50 women, do have a great chance but still men are the most affected at any age. Also the sad risk factor includes the genetic history of the family as a member in a family having a history of heart disorders is more susceptible to the heart diseases and it is proven as well. So a person cannot blame anything if he develops a heart disorder like Heart Attacks as he or she may be helpless.

Also a person found smoking has a great risk of developing an heart attack and the risk increases with the period of smoking.

This is generally a high risk factor that helps in formation of heart attacks. Also even non smokers who are susceptible to the smoke have a high chance of a heart attack. Also smoking coupled with high cholesterol intake is enough in developing serious attacks of the heart.

So it is advised that people quit smoking and adopt a good diet in their lives. A prolonged level of high BP can cause significant problems of the heart in the form of heart attacks. So it is essential to have a normal BP of 120/80 which is the best BP reading for any person indicating a good, healthy heart. Also Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor and needs to be controlled to a large extent. Other risks include physical inactivity which in turn contributes to Obesity and the general advice of having a stress free life for a long time as much as possible.